Data Quality Assessment (DQA) Consultant Required.
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Social Impact (SI) is a global development management consulting firm. We provide monitoring, evaluation, strategic planning, and capacity building services to advance development effectiveness. Our mission is to help global development organizations and programs be more effective at improving people’s lives.

SI is implementing the USAID’s Evaluation, Learning, and Monitoring Initiative (ELMI) Activity which provides support for monitoring, evaluation, and program related services to USAID/Somalia. The current USAID strategy for Somalia aims to build a durable foundation for a more stable, democratic, and prosperous Somalia in three primary technical areas: (1) Democracy, Stabilization, and Governance; (2) Education; and (3) Economic Growth.

USAID/ Somalia regularly collects performance data from its Implementing Partners (IPs) and analyses it to make management decisions. Since poor quality data could affect conclusions about performance and lead to faulty decision making, USAID requires that all Missions / Offices conduct regular DQA s to ensure that the USAID staff are aware of the: strengths and weaknesses of the data, as determined by applying the five data quality standards; and extent to which the data integrity can be trusted to influence management decisions (ADS 2 01 ).

A DQA often entails site visits to physically inspect records maintained by IPs. However, travel restrictions for USAID staff in Somalia limit the ability of Activity Managers to conduct site visits, hence the need for DQA consultancy services.

Position Summary

SI is recruiting a DQA Consultant (s) to conduct DQA for ongoing Activities supported by USAID Somalia. Reporting to the Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP), the DQA Consultant will undertake desk review of project documents, conduct primary data collection, submit a DQA report and may also provide associated training and mentoring to ELMI partner staff. The DQA Consultant(s) will liaise with field-based enumerators in conducting the DQA(s).

The short-term consultancies will be approximately three-five months beginning on/around June to September 2023. ELMI anticipates that, in consultation with USAID, each DQA will assess approximately 35 indicators across four to eight IPs annually. The place of performance is Somalia. Based on the Activity office locatio ns and implementation sites, the DQA Consultant will be required to coordinate with local research assistants/enumerators to collect data outside Mogadishu.

Responsibilities and Tasks

With technical guidance and oversight from the ELMI DCOP, the consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:

·Desk Review : The DQA Consultant will review relevant project documents for each indicator to understand IP indicator reporting systems and patterns; the Activity Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan; Indicator Performance tracking tables; IP quarterly reports; and Standard/custom indicator lists and definitions, among other documents to inform tool development and identify issues to be covered in the subsequent steps of the DQA process.

·Inception meeting with USAID staff : The consultant will participate in an inception meeting with USAID Activity Managers and Program Office staff to level expectations on the DQA process. This meeting will help identify and prioritize current issues with data collection processes/tools or past data quality experience. The inception meeting(s) will also include the IPs and Sub-IPs, where applicable.

·Development and/or finalization of data collection tools and protocols : The consultant will draw on effective DQA processes/tools to develop all the required data collection tools and protocols for the DQA. This may also entail reviewing and customizing existing data collection protocols and checklists.

·DQA capacity building: The consultant with conduct brief training or sensitization session for both USAID staff and IPs to refine skills in targeted areas e.g., identifying indicator strengths and weaknesses, provision of feedback, and actionable recommendations on the DQA process and data collection tools. SI will use DQAs as an opportunity for capacity development, facilitating IP’s understanding of how to ensure high quality data in their activities’ work. It will demonstrate how DQAs gauge strengths and weaknesses of the Mission’s data to meet ADS requirements while helping USAID and IPs prioritize steps for improvement in management and reporting.

·Data Collection : The DQA Consultant will conduct ADS-compliant site-visit preparation and high-quality primary data collection and verification. The Consultant will administer a system assessment protocol both at the IP and sub partners’ level. S/he will also conduct site visits to selected primary data collection sites. Please note that non-Somalis are not allowed to travel outside Mogadishu International Airport (MIA) and the consultant will be required to work with qualified local enumerators/research assistants to complete the data collection outside MIA.

·Data Analysis : The DQA Consultant will lead analysis and writing of findings. This will include analysis of ELMI-captured IP site data against samples previously reported to USAID. The Consultant will also review actions taken by IPs in response to recommendations made in most recent DQAs, including an assessment of successes based on those actions. S/he compare each indicator against the five quality standards and complete a DQA checklist for each indicator. The analysis should provide actionable recommendations for USAID and IPs to address any emerging (or repeat) data quality issues.

·Validation and Dissemination of findings and recommendations : The Consultant will discuss the preliminary findings and recommendations with the IP for validation before sharing with USAID. This is to enable efficient provision of input, correct any potential misunderstanding, and increase buy-in before full report is issued. S/he will also develop and action plan that will be discussed and agreed upon with the IP and USAID to address the identified gaps. The action plan should also include a timeframe for completing the agreed actions.

·Documentation and Reporting : The DQA Consultant will draft and submit a detailed DQA report to ELMI using a template to be provided. The report will : (i) outline the overall approach and methodology used in conducting the DQA; (ii) present findings in terms of the five data quality standards for each indicator; (iii) summarize recommendations for improving data quality; and (iv) include a completed DQA checklist for each of the indicators. A final report incorporating all comments and feedback from the IP, USAID and ELMI will be submitted at the end of the exercise.

·Supervisory Responsibility : The consultant will supervise data enumerators who will be contracted separately by SI, to collect data for the DQA process.


·Master’s degree in social sciences, international relations, economics, statistics, and/or any other relevant field from a recognized university.

·Minimum ten years’ experience in monitoring and evaluation in USAID context.

·Ability to work with and lead teams.

·Demonstrated experience planning and implementing rigorous DQAs of USAID indicators.

·A firm grasp of USAID ADS 201 policy and requirements on DQAs

·Technical knowledge in democracy, governance, and stabilization (DSG), economic growth or education will be an added advantage.

·Ability to diplomatically communicate and work effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, including USAID IPs .

· Strong analytical and writing skills, with proven experience in synthesizing and analysing data into summary and finding reports .

·Excellent English writing skills and speaking ability.

·Basic written and oral proficiency in Somali is desired .

·Good understanding of Somali operating environment or conflict affected and fragile states . Willingness and ability to travel to Mogadishu, Somalia as needed.

Deliverables :

All deliverables must be consistent with USAID ADS directives, as informed by TIPS #12: Data Quality Standards. SI anticipates the Consultant to produc e the following deliverables:

·Inception report containing a summary of issues emerging from the desk review together with data collections tools and work plan.

·Draft DQA report for each of the assessed indicators and IP(s) with annexes of evidence supporting key findings

·Power point presentation of DQA findings and recommendations.

·Final DQA report and presentation, inclusive of complete DQA checklist for each indicator and summary report of findings and recommendations with annexes of evidence supporting key findings; and

·DQA action plan for each IP containing the findings, agreed actions and timeframe.

The final list of deliverables will be included in the consultant agreement.

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Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

How to apply

Interested applicants should apply though SI’s Career Center, using the link below:


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