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Ol Kalou Municipal Board Members Job Nyandarua County Assembly
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Requirements for the Appointment as a Member of Municipal Board

  • Holds at least a diploma from an institution recognized in Kenya;
  • Has a distinguished career in a medium level management position in either the private or public sector;
  • Holds at least five years’ post-qualification professional experience;
  • Satisfies the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution;
  • Is ordinarily resident or has a permanent dwelling in the Municipality; and
  • Carries on business in the Municipality or has lived in the Municipality for at least five years

The Board of the Municipality shall perform the following functions

  • Oversee the affairs of the Municipality;
  • Develop or adopt policies, plans, strategies and programme and set targets for service delivery;
  • Formulate and implement an integrated development plan;
  • Control, land sub-division, land development and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose, including industry, commerce, markets, shopping and other employment centers, residential areas, recreational areas, parks, entertainment, passenger transport, agriculture, and freight and transit stations within the framework of the spatial and master plans for the Municipality as delegated by the County Government of Nyandarua;
  • Promoting and undertaking infrastructural development and services within Municipality as delegated by the County Government of Nyandarua;
  • Developing and managing schemes, including site development in collaboration with the relevant national and County legislation;
  • Maintaining a comprehensive database and information system of the administration;
  • Administering and regulating its internal affairs;
  • Implementing applicable national and County legislation;
  • Entering into contracts, partnerships or joint ventures as it may consider necessary for the discharge of its functions;
  • Monitoring and, where appropriate, regulating municipal services where those services are provided by service providers other than the Board of the Municipality;
  • Preparing and submitting its annual budget estimates to the relevant County Treasury for consideration and submission to the County Assembly for approval as the part of the annual County Appropriation Bill;
  • Collecting rates, taxes levies, duties, fees and surcharges on fees as delegated by the County Government of Nyandarua;
  • Settling and implementing tariff, rates and tax and debt collection policies as delegated by the County Government of Nyandarua;
  • Monitoring the impact and effectiveness of any services, policies, programs or plans;
  • Establishing, implementing and monitoring performance management systems;
  • Promoting a safe and healthy environment;
  • Facilitating and regulating public transport;
  • Performing such other functions as may be legislated or delegated by the County Government of Nyandarua or as provided by article 5 of the Charted

How to Apply


  • Members shall be paid as per allowances and benefits as determined and reviewed by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC).
  • All written applications, CVS, Copies of Certificates, Copies of Identity card and testimonials should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the left side for the positions applied for and addressed to the undersigned.
  • Applications should be received on or before 30th June 2023. INDICATING THE MUNICIPAL BOARD APPLIED FOR.
  • Hand delivered applications should be dropped in the specific box provided for at County Headquarters in the Office of the County Secretary between 8.00 a.m and 5.00 p.m on weekdays.

NOTE: Successful candidates shall provide the following clearances;

  • KRA Clearance Certificate
  • Compliance Certificate from High Education Loans Board(HELB)
  • Certificate of Good Conduct from the Department of Criminal Investigation
  • Clearance Certificate from Credit Reference Bureau (CRB)
  • Further details can be accessed through the Nyandarua County website. (

The Chairman

County Government of Nyandarua

Municipal Board Selection panel

P O Box 701-2030


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