Tough Times Ahead ! Key Reasons Why Cost Of Living Is Skyrocketing Revealed
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Tough Times Ahead ! Key Reasons Why Cost Of Living Is Skyrocketing Revealed

The cost of living in Kenya is influenced by a combination of factors.

Several reasons contribute to the high and often increasing cost of living:


Inflation is a general increase in prices of goods and services over time. If inflation is high, it erodes the purchasing power of money, making everyday items more expensive.

Exchange Rates:

Kenya relies on imports for some goods and services. Fluctuations in exchange rates can affect the cost of imported products, leading to price increases.

Economic Factors:

Economic conditions, including unemployment rates and overall economic growth, can impact the cost of living. Economic stability is crucial for managing inflation and ensuring reasonable living costs.

Global Commodity Prices:

The prices of commodities such as oil, which Kenya imports, can affect the cost of goods and transportation, influencing the overall cost of living.

Government Policies:

Policies related to taxation, subsidies, and regulations can impact the cost structure of goods and services. Changes in government policies can contribute to shifts in the cost of living.

Infrastructure Challenges:

Issues with infrastructure, such as poor transportation or inadequate energy supply, can result in higher production costs for businesses, which may be passed on to consumers.

Population Growth:

Rapid population growth can strain resources and increase demand for goods and services, potentially leading to higher prices.


Corruption can affect various aspects of the economy, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs. Transparent and accountable governance is crucial for managing the cost of living.

Housing Costs:

The cost of housing, including rent and property prices, can significantly impact the overall cost of living. In some urban areas, housing costs have risen due to increased demand.

Dependency on Agriculture:

Kenya’s economy is heavily dependent on agriculture. Factors such as weather conditions, pests, and other agricultural challenges can impact food production and prices.

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